Borrowing made simple. Our lending protocol makes borrowing easy for DeMountain users, by allowing them to borrow $MATIC for the accumulated dividends on their stakes, by providing stakes as collateral without having to sell. As $MOUNT stakes accumulate $MATIC dividends, users can request loans up to the value of $MATIC accrued to date. Loan requests must include interest that users are willing to pay to the lender. Stakes provided as collateral continue to accumulate daily $BUSD dividends.

Good to know. Loan requests can not exceed the $MATIC dividends accumulated to date including the interest that has to be paid back.


Guaranteed lending, backed by stakes. Lenders are guaranteed to receive back the total lent $MATIC + interest on fulfilled loan requests. In situations where borrowers do not commit to fulfilling their loan, lenders inherit the stake provided as collateral + additional accrued dividends for the staking period.

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